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Sculpturing, Art Reproduction, 3D Jewelry, Restoration

As with photography  3D-scan and its aplication may take time to be accepted as art. Using modern technology and the knodlege of classical sculpting opens up new possibilities. We use 3D-printing, laser sintering and stereolithography as well as classical sculpting to produce works of art from standard sculpting materials such as wood, marble or bronze.


Sculpture, art reproduction, 3D jewellery, restoration Digital sculpture

Digital Sculpturing

We produce your perfect replica as a bust or a statue 'all according to your wishes and ideas' in either bronze, marble, sandstone plaster or plastic. We will scan you digitally and modulate you virtually. The final product will be cast in either bronze, plaster or plastic or chiseled out of marble or sandstone.


Christian Friedrich 3D- scan
Christian Friedrich 3D- scan

Art reproduction

We can copy your work of art on a 1:1 scale, as well as minimizing or enlarging it. Should you have potential customers, who you would like to attract, we can produce  key chains or miniatures of your art work in large quantities.


Zdenek Chmelar copy of a statue
Zdenek Chmelar copy of a statue


Your face or figure can decorate your jewelry. We will scan you digitally and transfer your image to your necklace, bracelet or earrings.


Metalhand key-chain
Metalhand key-chain


Our trained experts will restore statues, art work and stucco work.


Restaurated statue
Restaurated statue

Classical sculpturing

According to your wishes we produce portraits, objects and statues from wood, stone,  marble, bronze or plastic, by using traditional techniques.


Statue from Elbsandstein
Statue from Elbsandstein

The New Generation Of Body Moulding

Capturing a pregnant belly not just on a photo but as a plaster cast ist special. 10 years later it still shows how extraordinary the pregnancy was. Can you see and recognize, whose baby bump it is? Can it be a lasting joy if you don't see yourself? The head adds personality to the plaster cast and makes a cherished memory.

The Classical Plaster Cast



We are able to produce a classical plaster cast of you, without laying a hand on you or covering your body with vaseline. This cast can be made in life size as well as minimized, so you will have the possibility to place your cast on the wall or on a shelf.




The Plaster Bust Gets A Face


The comparison to a classical bust shows what we mean. Extending our work by adding a face, makes for a new quality of the pregnant belly.





The Pregnant Belly Gets Color


Not only can we change the shape of the bust but also its color. We can make it from marble, chrome or bronze.






The Pregnant Belly Becomes A Portrait

In order to create a great keepsake and a lasting work of art, we placed the finished baby bump in a picture frame.







The Pregnant Belly Becomes A Statue


As you can see in this example, the possibilities we have to present you and the baby bump are almost inexhaustible. Let us create your personal memory. With or without pregnant belly, we are looking forward to seeing you.



Bronze and marble classically new

Traditionally marble or bronze busts are modeled from clay, so that a master form for a bust can be made, or to have the dimensional drawing for the stone-mason. Moulding is the key to recognizing the model in the bust. Quality lies in the eye of the beholder just like the degree of accuracy in the quality of reproduction lies in the hand of the artist. We are breaking away from this procedure in order to reproduce as exact as possible. The model is measured with an accuracy of 1/10mm of which we make a polymerplaster cast that will be the pattern for the sculpterer on a scale of 1:1. With the last refining touches, we make the bust come alive.


A Photography As A model

A portrait sculpture is done best with a live-model. Depths of focus and the surface are difficult to read on a photograph,when a bust or a statue is being made for example as a special award or for an anniversary, there aren't any other possibilities if this is to remain a secret. This is how our artists use photographies as a model.


Be your own judge.