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From Figures In A Series To 3D Scan Shows

Your ideas, whether they are in the fields of models for movie premieres, fairs or otherevents, will be converted by us. Years of experience in the field of classical sculpturing and the 3D techniques enable us to produce very detailed models. There are no limits regarding size and shape.  We don't have any minimum order quantity and we have short production and delivery times.



Merchandising, Figures and Statues

Due to our wide range of possibilities, we are able to produce a variety of small models using different materials. A game character can be printed directly out of the game using rapid prototyping. A supplementto a special edition can for example be made of plaster, metal or plastic, whether it's a single or series production.Your wishes determine our task.


                 Metallhand key-chains in different materials

Life size figures, reproduction for advertising and presentation, special editions and serial characters, individual figures, 3D scan shows, merchandising

Life size replicas and production of life size figures for promotion and presentation.

Developing and production of life size figures, from a simple presentation object up to an exclusively detailed original figure like ' The Witcher '.



Importend life-like mannequin from The Witcher 2
Importend life-like mannequin from The Witcher 2

Special Edition And Serial Figures

Developing and producing of prototypes and series of up to 50.000 pieces. It's possible to use pewter, zinc, bronze, copper, artificial marble as well as plastic.

Special edition of the console game character ' The Witcher 2 '

Special Edition bust from the game The Witcher 2
Special Edition bust from the game The Witcher 2

Individual Figures:

Upon agreement with the producer, the console game characters can be generated and printed.


Nanosuit 2 from the game Crysis 2

Nanosuit from the game Crysis
Nanosuit from the game Crysis

3D Scan Shows

Individual show-acts for your presentation and your product. While live on stage, your customers and guests will be scanned and the model or object will be shaped on the screens.The guests will receive photos or pamphlets of our work and after completing production, the 3D models can be sent to them.


3D scanning event - Eurogamer


3D-Scan Event by Alienware  in London
3D-Scan Event by Alienware in London


Keychains, pendants, bottle openers....

We will give your product and your name a good image !


Company logo as a key chain


Logo as a key-chain
Logo as a key-chain

Exclusive Life Size Replicas


' Can you produce life size figures and what do they cost? ' is the question, we get asked the most. The answer to these questions are : ' Yes, we can ! ' and ' It depends.... '. Yes, we can produce life size figures in countless variations. The price depends on the version you choose. To make it understandable, we would like to explain two different types of production:


The Amazon

Life size replica made of styro foam.

The body scan pattern was equipped with armor. Once the model was completed, it was converted

to data and a CNC machine manufactured it out of styrofoam. The figure was finished off by a sculptor, and then reinforced with polymer plaster and then smoothed. Although this version is low in production costs, the result is impressive. Bear in mind that in order to cut costs, this procedure reduces details. Furthermore, these figures are sensitive to shock and suitable for indoor use only.


Geralt of Rivia - The Witcher 

This life size replica stands out through it's authenticity. The clothes are hand-tailored and the weapons hand-forged. A 3D data from the company – CD Project, was used for a pattern. We were permitted to use the data of the most successful console game character of the year 2011 – The Witcher 2 : Assassins Of Kings. With this copy we created the figure and produced clothing and weapons. Some of Geralt von Riva's main features are his wolf amulet and the special sword handle ( pommel ) with wolves heads which were moulded out of pewter, according to the game pattern. The hair was woven from real hair and done in the style of the character.

Using A Photo As A Model

The Samoyed

Doing a 3D scan of a model, who is present, is without doubt easy to do. Whether the bust or the pendant is intended to be a gift or the model is or was the

beloved pet, we can also work with photos.

Using a photo of a Samoyed, our 3D artist made a pattern that can be used for all kinds of statues or pendants. Whether you would like a life size replica made of marble, an individual pendant or a series of several thousand pieces, we can offer all of this from a single source.