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The new generation of body moulds

Body casting a female torso
Body casting a female torso


Plaster moulding of a pregnant stomach, a replica of a bosom or the classical footprint in plaster, are possibilities of capturing special moments or shapes.The limitations and the complexity seem to be hindering this nice idea. Creating the face and the hair is an unpleasant and difficult challenge.The classical technique can furthermore only produce life size objects, which leads to limitations due to lack of space.



Body casting with 3D-Scan technology
Body casting with 3D-Scan technology

These arguments and the advantage of the scan technique showed us a way that we would like to introduce to you. We call it digital sculptural art, the new generation of body moulding. With this technology we are able to produce moulds of the same quality as plaster casts. We can model clothes as well as the heads and hair. We can enlarge and minimize infinitely, add elements or remove them. A valuable memory and a work of art can be made of your body. Further examples of our work can be found under 3D-art.



Successfull 3D-Scan Show at the 'Night Of The Museum'

The 'Night Of The Museum' is an Open House Night, in which museums, artists and art institutions are open to the public. In the house of the painter Christian Friedrich we showed the making of digital scuptures.

Our Showroom

After completing the remodelling of our rooms, all exhibits can be shown and we can present our work. Whether it's a dinosaur skeleton,bronze or marble busts or the life size replica of The Witcher, all of our work can be seen.

The Jacobus Statue made of sandstone

For the time honoured Jacoby citizens' guild of Neumünster, we are producing a Jacobus statue of sandstone. The newly developed burial place for the death- and fire guild will be embellished by it.


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The making of a bronze bust

With a 3D-Scan we create  a digital pattern of the bust. A 3D-printer produces the basic model with which we make the mold and end up with the final bronze cast. We call this classical art in a modern outfit.

Cooperation with Goldschmiede Schütt

In co-operation with goldsmith Schütt, we create unusual and unique jewelry. Your loved ones will appear in gold or silver and an ornament immortalizes your faithful pet.

The Witcher 2

Geralt von Riva is The Witcher. An extremely successful fantasy adventure which has been implemented for PC and video game consoles. For the second part of the series, we have with the creators, developed a ' Special Edition Figure ' and started a serial production. This was so successful that the edition was honored with the European Games Award 2012 in the category of Best European Special Edition.